RAE-livros was created as a means to further strengthen the disseminate knowledge of Administration through books with selections of articles from RAE, RAE-eletrônica and GV-executivo.Twelve selections have been published under the main title of Gestão Empresarial, focusing on several sub-areas of Administration. All books had a great reception in the market, leading to reprints of the studies. The 12th book, released in 2010, Tecnologia Bancária no Brasil – uma história de conquistas, uma visão de futuro, started the FGV-RAE book publishing label, strengthening and expanding this project. RAE-publicações is now an open community with hundreds of collaborators both in Brazil and abroad, and with the voluntary support of reviewers from the world’s most renowned institutions.
Many other initiatives are under way.

So, whether as a reader or a writer, reviewer, partner-sponsor of our various projects, you are always welcome to collaborate with us!


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