RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas (Journal of Business Management), vol. 61, n. 4, July-August 2021




Dear readers, authors, reviewers and editors of Journal of Business Management (RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas),


It gives me great pleasure to write my first editorial as editor-in-chief. I am grateful for the confidence placed in me by Prof. Maria José Tonelli, whom I succeed and who, along with her competent editorial team, has managed this journal in such a notable manner.

Over the past five years RAE has received more than 900 articles a year, on average! I want to thank, therefore, those authors who honor us with their work, as well as the scientific editors and reviewers for the invaluable services they provide. We shall continue to count on your contributions! I am also grateful for the institutional and financial support we receive from Fundação Getulio Vargas

and the São Paulo School of Business Administration.

RAE is rated A2 by Qualis CAPES and listed by the major international indexing databases, such as JCR/WoS and Scopus.

I am proud to tell you that RAE was this year included in the Association of Business Schools (ABS) ranking, which is one of the most prestigious in the scientific world. I am lucky, therefore to be starting off having been preceded by editors (I mention here only those from the last 20 years, Maria José Tonelli, Eduardo Diniz, Flavio Vasconcelos, Francisco Aranha, Carlos Osmar Bertero and Thomaz

Wood Jr.) and a team of extremely competent people who laid down the foundations of this success, which it is now up to me to maintain and expand. In addition to RAE, two other Brazilian Administration journals also entered the ABS ranking:

RAC and RAUSP. This achievement reflects the fact that the quality and relevance of our journals are being recognized, and this is a welcome sign for those other Brazilian Administration journals that strive for excellence in their editorial processes.

Our main challenges, which are also the goals of RAE, are:

• to continually improve the strict standards of editorial quality by which the journal has always been characterized;

• to renew our scientific editorial team on a regular basis, by always attracting researchers with a renowned reputation, including young talent;

• to increase the journal’s internationalization in terms of the authors, readers and respective citations;

• to encourage researchers to suggest material for special issues, and to be the guest editors of them; this is a fertile path to the internationalization we have been exploring;

• to encourage authors to highlight the implications and social impact of their studies, in addition to their scientific contribution;

• to “educate” the research community on a continuous basis so we become increasingly better authors, editors and reviewers in a voluntary process of mutual strengthening and collective learning;

• to underline the journal’s ethical principles and editorial transparency more and more, and to engage with the trends of open science.

I invite you to read the articles published in this issue. Continuing with the journal’s pluralistic approach, this issue includes articles on organizational studies, marketing and human resource management. Also included are a critical personal reflection in the Pensata section and a book review:



Memories in movement: Stories from Casa Tina Martins in its fight against gender violence

Thaís Zimovski Garcia de Oliveira | Rafael Diogo Pereira | Alexandre de Pádua Carrieri | Gabriel Farias Alves Correia


An analysis of determinants of the adoption of mobile health (mHEALTH)

Nayra Leandro Miguel Martins | Paulo Duarte | José Carlos M. R. Pinho


Designing architectural marketing capabilities to increase the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises

Mulyana Mulan | Zainuddin Zakaria | Rosman Mahmood


The influence of psychological capital on internal learning in teams: The mediating role of the perceived team structure

Rosa Lutete Geremias | Miguel Pereira Lopes | André Escórcio Soares


The effect of the diversity of interorganizational partners on product innovation

Ángeles Montoro-Sánchez | Youseline Garavito-Hernández | Ana M. Romero-Martínez



Gamification and uberized work in application companies

Renata Couto de Oliveira



Incorporating AH/SD into organizational diversity

Luiz Alex Silva Saraiva


Enjoy your reading!

Jorge Carneiro¹ | ORCID: 0000-0003-3321-5430

¹Fundação Getulio Vargas, Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil



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