Call for Papers - Brazilian State and Local Level Public Finances

The topic of public finance has acquired special relevance in Brazil. Actors in government, academia and other sectors of civil society have conducted various debates concerning the country’s current fiscal situation. The media, through specialized outlets, has sought to inform the population about indicators and trends in Brazilian public finances. Despite all the attention that this topic has received lately, a subgroup appears to have been relatively neglected: the public finances of municipalities and states.

The Meu Município Portal ( is a pioneering initiative that contributes to municipal development through the use of management and production tools, analysis and the publishing of information about local level public finances.

The Public Management and Citizenship Journal (CGP&C - Cadernos Gestão Pública e Cidadania) is published every four months by FGV´s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP) and edited by RAE-publicações. The main objective of the CGP&C is to publish academic works on public management and policy. Access:

The Meu Município Portal and the CGP&C invite authors from the widest variety of fields interested in presenting their research results and conducting a dialogue on this topic are invited to submit their papers to the special issue of the journal which will be launched in December 2018. 

Guest Scientific Editors

Arnaldo Mauerberg Jr., FGV´s São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP)
and Insper

José Roberto Afonso, FGV´s Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE) and IDP

Sol Garson, PPED-UFRJ and the Meu Município Portal

Editor in Chief of the Public Management and Citizenship Journal
Mário Aquino Alves, FGV´s São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP)


06-15-2018 – Deadline for submitting final completed articles for the Special Issue of the CGP&C.

10-15-2018 – Sending of letters of acceptance to authors regarding articles submitted for the Special Issue of the CGP&C.

11-04-2018 – Deadline for revise and resubmit and approved papers final version upload by authors.

12-20-2018 – Publication of the Special Issue of the CGP&C.

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