10 original studies on Administration are published in the GVcasos Journal

For the first time since its launch in 2011, the Brazilian Journal of Educational Administration (GVcasos), edited by the São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP), published 10 studies in the same edition. This record was made possible due to the persistent increase in quality submissions that the periodical has been receiving.
According to the editors forecast, based on the increased number of submissions, this new standard should continue in the next editions as 24 works are currently being evaluated.
The diversity of themes, which has always been a part of, the journal, is maintained in the new edition. In "Governança corporativa na Petrobras?" ("Corporate Governance at Petrobras?"), Antonio Marcos Duarte Júnior discusses the company’s corporate governance structure, and asks what can be done to protect the largest Brazilian state company from hidden motives and political manipulation.
In the field of ethics, the article "Ética em gestão de projetos" ("Ethics in project management"), by Marco Alberto Wang, Edmir Parada Vasques Prado and Violeta Sun, brings up an interesting debate. The case study discusses the dilemma of a project manager of a Brazilian company, who must decide whether the company should continue to provide false information - something that has become a customary practice to circumvent the bureaucracy of a German customer, to maintain profitability and the good cheer of executives - or whether they should end this practice.
Eight other case studies address various fields related to marketing, strategy, career management, information technology, organizational culture and corporate governance. Professors Maria José Tonelli and Martin Jayo are, respectively, chief editor and deputy editor of the journal.
GVcasos is available free at: fgv.br/gvcasos (in Portuguese, there´re options in English and other languages).


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