Possibilities of partnership

RAE-publicações offers you three partnership possibilities through GV-executivo. Your company may choose to collaborate with and benefit from our projects as a Partner-founder, a strategic advertiser or a sponsor of Seminários RAE. See below for more details.
Besides these possibilities, your organization can advertise and strengthen its brand through the advertising space in our GV-executivo.
GV-executivo is focused on spreading inovative perspectives and provocative ideas about significant subjects to the corporate world by providing knowledge that encourages the use of new ways of management.
Companies supporting GV-executivo will join Clube de Parceiros Fundadores and will be entittled to a seat in the GV-executivo Editorial Board, among other benefits.
Strategic advertiser
This option offers you the opportunity to strengthen the image of your organization by taking advantage of GV-executivo’s advertising space for a minimum period of 1 year (i.e., four issues of the magazine), with special conditions and benefits.
Seminários RAE
The goal of Seminários RAE is to spread knowledge and promote the debate on the most emergent emerging issues in corporate management.
The public is formed by business owners and executives involved in organizational transformation processes and interested in debating the most relevant business management subjects of today’s world.
Presentations are based on studies publised in RAE with major impact in the media and whose authors are researchers, professors and executives with significant expertise and in-depth studies conducted on the subjects.



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