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The Privacy and Security Policy of Fundação Getulio Vargas-São Paulo (FGV-SP), as well as the Legal Information herein, were developed with the purpose of ensuring maximum security and privacy for Users and to warn them against any possible risks from unauthorized divulging of contents of this Web Portal.
Every access by the User to the web sites provided by FGV-SP implies User’s acceptance of the terms and conditions hereinafter established.
Fundação Getulio Vargas is not responsible for any information or data divulged by third parties in this Web Portal, and it is hereby established that the author of articles or comments posted in the open sections of this site is the sole responsible for the content and truthfulness of said posted texts.
The User is completely responsible for the information that he/she divulges in the Web Portal of FGV-SP, and he/she hereby authorizes the sending of institutional electronic messages by FGV-SP.
FGV-SP promises not to disclose data of its Users to third parties, unless it is obliged by Law (by order of competent authorities or a court order ).
According to the interest shown while visiting the Portal, e-mails may be sent with new information about products and services. No other company is authorized to send e-mails in the name of Fundação Getulio Vargas.
If the User no longer wishes to receive the messages, there will always be the option of exclusion from the mailing list, and this will cease the sending within two business days, or five business days when requested through other means.
FGV-SP is the sole owner of the intellectual property of documents published on its web site; for documents of other authorship, such documents will contain the name of the copyright owner.
In this case, the User declares that he/she is aware that the use of the information contained in the web site is exclusively for non-commercial purposes; divulging said information without prior express authorization from FGV-SP is prohibited.
FGV-SP is not responsible for contents, privacy policies and related elements of other web sites referred to in its Web Portal.
The Privacy Policy does not cover the public use sections, which include, among others, chats, forums, blogs etc. FGV-SP may, at any time, change its Privacy and Legal Information Policy.
FGV encourages the development and application of Código de Autorregulamentação para a Prática de Email Marketing (from June 6th 2009) and declares that it will make efforts to have all of its electronic communication in compliance with the parameters of the Código. This version was updated in June 18th 2010.


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