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Considering that Fundação Getulio Vargas is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the users of our Web Portal, this policy was developed and it shows you the reasons why we collect information about our users during their visits.
Therefore, we will explain you the whole process, from the collection to how your information is used. Please read this document; with the purpose of safeguarding your privacy, this policy may change over time. Therefore, we ask you to check it periodically. When you start your visit to our Web Portal, your IP is captured and a cookie is added to your computer. An IP address is a certain numerical address in your computer that we use for security purposes. A cookie is an electronic piece of data that will be used to capture non-confidential information (the browser you use, its version, screen set up and your behavior in our Web Portal) from your device, in order to understand your behavior and provide you with a better user experience.
It is worth noting that these data will not be used separately, but together with other users’ data, meaning that your individuality as a user will be not singled out, thus safeguarding your privacy.

You can, at any time, through your browser, delete this cookie. In a few parts of our Web Portal, we collect, spontaneously and with your consent, personal data such as name, phone number, e-mail, company, city and state, in case you wish to receive further information about courses, products and services from Fundação Getulio Vargas.

This necessity is due to our purpose of providing you with material that is optimized for your interests; it also facilitates your contact and helps you solve your doubts. The Web Portal of Fundação Getulio Vargas has a few restricted use areas, the access to which is permitted through passwords granted by the institution.

The user must contact us through in case his/her account has been accessed by third parties or without his/her permission. The user also promises not to leave his/her account open while not using it and whenever he/she logs off the computer, in order to prevent third parties from accessing the account. We guarantee that only Fundação Getulio Vargas has access to the information collected from you, and that such information will not be disclosed to any third parties, except with our permission, or when required by Law, by order of competent authorities or a court order.

According to the interests you show during your visit to our Web Portal, we can send you e-mails with new information on products and services. No other company is authorized to send e-mails in the name of Fundação Getulio Vargas, and if you no longer wish to receive our e-mails, there will always be the option to unregister from our mailing list; this will cease the sending within two business days, or five business days when requested through other means. The above mentioned e-mails may have attachments and the sender will always be easily identifiable; they will also have a valid e-mail address for contacting us, and the subject will be related to the message’s subject.

FGV-SP is the sole owner of the intellectual property of documents published on its web site; otherwise, documents will contain the name of the copyright owner.

The User hereby declares that he/she is aware that the use of the information contained in the web site is exclusively for non-commercial purposes; divulging said information without prior express authorization from FGV-SP is prohibited.
FGV-SP is not responsible for contents, privacy policies and related elements of other web sites whose links are in its Web Portal.
FGV encourages the development and application of Código de Autorregulamentação para a Prática de Email Marketing and declares that it will make efforts to have all of its electronic communication in compliance with the self regulation parameters for an e-mail to be considered ethically correct.


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