Check for similarities

After the Format Evaluation, the text will be put through an automatic process that will search for similarities between the article and other works using an international platform that searches open and closed periodical databases.

The similarity report for each text is evaluated on a case by case, individual basis, because the tool identifies similarities between the submitted text and others but does not consider their context, which may lead it to indicate citations. This software also does not identify similar ideas that have been published using different words, or even self-plagiarism, even though it always lists the source in which it found similarities in other situations. This similarity software is essential to preserving the originality of the authorship of texts; however, it is up to the editorial staff to make a deeper assessment to assure the integrity of authors’ rights.

After a careful evaluation of the similarity report, the author is notified by the RAE and, depending of the degree of similarity and its source, the article may be rejected or the author may be invited to offer a response or submit corrections or alterations to the text. 

28/07/2016 - 15:29



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