Relevance of the work being evaluated

The reviewer play an extremely relevant role in the scientific certification process for articles submitted to the RAE, because the reports they prepare are of great value in providing good guidance to potential publications, are fundamental to their improvement, and also make an essential contribution to the evolution of the paper’s quality.

Opinion Content

Preferably opinions should emphasize an article’s strong points and, at the same time, make a contribution to the article’s improvement offering brief suggestions, discussions and questions. Effective observations are affirming, and frequently include transcriptions of excerpts of other works, with page and paragraph references and comments indicating what needs to be improved and how. The indication of useful references is of great value in the theoretical and empirical improvement of articles. Thus, complete specific references are very welcome.

Rejection of articles

The prolonging of the evaluation process with no chances of publication is tiring and brings no  benefits to the authors, reviewers and editors. In this sense, the reviewers are encouraged to make it clear when they believe that the article should be rejected.

The reviewers should have full knowledge of, and ensure that their conduct is in keeping with, the RAE-publicações Code of Ethics.

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