The mission of the RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas (Journal of Business Administration) is to stimulate and disseminate the creation of Business Administration knowledge, promoting the integration of the Brazilian scientific community with scientific communities around the world in this area.



RAE is interested in publishing articles on theoretical development, empirical work and experiments in various fields of Business Administration, such as: Information Communication Technology, Organization Studies, Business Education and Research, Management Strategy, Management Accounting and Finance, Science, Technology and Innovation Management, Operations Management and Logistics, Human Resource Management and Employee Relations, and Marketing.


As a generalist journal in this area, RAE covers knowledge, perspectives and questions throughout a broad spectrum of sub disciplines, seeking to provide its target public (professors, researchers and students) with excellent innovative articles in the area of Business Administration. It accepts collaborations between Brazil and other countries and encourages a plurality of approaches and perspectives.


The RAE’s main readership is made up of academics - professors, researchers and students.



Articles should be forwarded to the Editorial Office through the internet using ScholarOne, an web-based system for managing the submission and peer-review process, available through a partnership with SciELO-Scientific Electronic Library Online:

Portuguese, English or Spanish Language are accepted, observing the standard format and norms as described in the Format section. Authors should consult the guideline for Authors, which provides instructions about positioning, style and structure that should be observed before submitting works to the RAE.

Authors can submit just one article at a time (this rule also applies to calls for papers), in other words, an author cannot submit a second article while an article is in the evaluation process, whether he or she is a main author or a co-author. If the work is rejected during one of steps of the process, the author will be able to submit the article again, if it has been returned "reject & resubmit", or submit a new article.

RAE does not charge any fees for submission and publication of articles (APC-Author Processing Charge).


Originality and exclusivity

Articles submitted for evaluation must be not published elsewhere (in any language) and should not be under consideration by any other periodical. It should be emphasized that works presented at Scientific Conferences are still considered original.


Evaluation process

Articles submitted to the RAE first pass through a preliminary triage in terms of format (to see whether they conform to expected norms and formats) and then pass through a system that detects similarities. They are then evaluated in a three step process: 


1. Triage conducted by the Editor-in-Chief, who examines whether the work fits into the journal’s general scope and its potential for publication;

2. A preliminary evaluation by a member of the Scientific Editorial Board, who seeks to identify the article’s contribution to its specialty; and

3. A double blind review: coordinated by a member of the Scientific Editorial Board from the article’s specialty, which consists of the interaction between the authors of the paper and two specialists who make comments and suggestions to improve it. This step involves continuing reassessments and gathering resources to improve the article.


Usually the scientific editors and the Editor-in-Chief add editorial advice to the reviewers’ suggestions to improve   the article for publication.


Preparation for publication

After an article is approved, it is submitted for editing and revised for any spelling and grammar mistakes. The Editorial Office sends the final version to the authors for their approval and any updates, such as institutional affiliations.


Other forms of contribution

RAE is open to other types of contributions that are part of the journal’s content:

· The Book Review and Book Recommendations sections present readers with works from the field of Business Administration and related areas. The books selected should be recent and present contributions to theory and practice.

· Proposals for Topical Forums, Interviews, and Discussions may be presented and will be evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief based on the editorial scope of the RAE.


Authors’ rights

FGV/EAESP/RAE hold the rights to the articles that they publish, including translations, and use the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) ( for all their published works, except when there is a specific indication that others hold authors’ rights. 


RAE adopts actions to combat plagiarism and bad ethical conduct in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).



If you have any doubts, contact the Editorial Office:



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