General formatting

Font: Times New Roman, size 12.

Alignment: Hanging indent – references of more than one line should have an indent starting with the second line. The first line remains on the left.

Line spacing: 1.5.

Listing of names: you should use commas to separate the names of authors. Before the last name, use “&” before the comma. Example:

Barki, E., Comini, G., Cunliffe, A., Hart, S. L., & Rai, S. (2015).

Acceptable abbreviations in the reference list:


Parts of books and other publications



Rev. ed.

Revised edition

2nd ed.

Second edition

Ed. (Eds.)





No date

p. (pp.)










Tech Rep.

Technical report




Ordering names

References should be organized in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name, followed by the initials of the first and middle names.

Ordering works by the same first author:

o Works by a single author or multiple authors are ordered by the year of publication, in chronological order:

Mazzon, J. A. (1982).
Mazzon, J. A. (1983).

Pozzebon, M., & Freitas, H. (1997).
Pozzebon, M., & Freitas, H. (1998).


o Works by a single author that are from publications with multiple authors begin with the same last name:

Zambaldi, F. (2012)
Zambaldi, F., Moura. M., Aranha, F., & Ferreira, E. (2010).


o References with the same first author and different second and third authors should be ordered alphabetically:

Carrieri, A. P., Diniz, A. P. R., Souza, E. M., & Menezes, R. S. S. (2013). 
Carrieri, A. P., Souza, E. M., & Aguiar, A. R. C. (2014).


o References with the same author(s) and same date of publication should be in alphabetical order by title (ignore the A or The), with lower case letters – a, b, c and so on – inserted after the year in parentheses:

Hernandez, J. M. C. (2002a). Resenha múltipla...
Hernandez, J. M. C. (2002b). Um estudo empírico...


Ordering of works by different authors with the same last name

Works by distinct authors with the same last name should be ordered alphabetically by the first initial:

Lee, K., & Allen, N. J. (2002).
Lee, Y., & Davis, P. (2008).


Note: The initials of the first author should be included in all of the citations.

Attention: For hyphenated names, keep the hyphens and include a period after initials (Chanlat, J.-F., for Jean-François Chanlat).



• Insert the names of the editor(s) in the position of the author(s) and precede them with “Ed.” or “Eds.”, after the name of the last editor.
• For references of book chapters with editor(s), you should invert the name(s) of the editor(s), like this example:

Author, A. (2009). Chapter title. In E. E. Editor (Ed.), Book title (pp. xx-xx). City: Publisher.


o If this is a book without an editor, just include ‘In’ before the book title.

Date of publication

• For magazines, informative bulletins and journals, you should indicate the year followed by the date of publication (month or month and day). If the date includes a season, you should indicate the year and the season.
• For articles that were accepted for publication but still have not been published, in place of the year insert “in press”.
• If the date of publication is not available yet, insert “n.d.” between parentheses.


 Article or chapter title

• Only the first word of the title and the subtitle should be capitalized along with proper names.

Supply chain resilience analysis: A Brazilian automotive case


 Titles of scientific periodicals, informative bulletins and magazines

• The name of the periodical should be written out in italic in upper and lower case letters.

RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas


 Titles of books and reports

• Only the first word of the title and the subtitle should be capitalized along with proper names.
• Where necessary indicate additional information like: edition, report number, volume, etc. soon after the title in parentheses.

Advances in behavioral finance (Vol. 2).


Additional information should be included between brackets. See the following examples:

[Letter to the editor]
[Special Issue]
[Special Section]
[Audio podcast]
[Data file]
[Lecture notes]
[Computer software]
[Video webcast]
[Supplemental material]


Publication information

 Scientific periodicals, informative bulletins, magazines

• The volume number should appear in italics after the periodical title, followed by the edition number in parentheses, followed by the page numbers.

RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas54(6), 606-618.


 Books and reports

• Indicate the location (city and state, if outside of Brazil indicate the city and country) of the publisher.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Editora FGV


Washington, EUA: The Brookings Institution


 Electronic sources and identifiers

• Electronic versions based on printed sources should list the page numbers preceded by “pp”.
• Indicate the DOI (digital object identifier), if available, if not indicate the URL of the first page of the periodical, book or article publisher.
• Access dates should not be included.


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