First desk review

Conducted by the Editor-in-Chief and the Adjunt Editor, articles are evaluated on whether they are within the journal’s scope and their potential to continue or not continue on to the next phase (the second desk review). Authors are notified when the article is not selected for the next phase and receive one of the following communications:

  • Immediate Reject & Resubmit: when the article presents an interesting contribution to the field in clear and objective language, but the theoretical references could be better explored and updated, and could include classic works and/or references in the respective field to solidify the resulting analysis.
  • Immediate Reject: when the article presents an important contribution to the field, but does not have a solid theoretical development and the methodological procedures are not appropriate for the logical arguments and conclusions in this field of study.

In RAE planning, we seek to conduct this evaluation phase in up to 5 days, which considerably helps to expedite the evaluation process. The annual average time for this step has never exceeded 7 days. 

The average annual publication rejection rate for this phase is roughly 70%.

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