Checklist for the author

Articles submitted to the RAE should follow the format established in this RAEpub, in the Format section. Before submitting an article:

1) Certify that it conforms to some basic rules for publication in the RAE:

  • The article is original and unpublished and is not being evaluated by another periodical.
  • The size of the article is within the permitted limits.
  • The article does not have footnotes.
  • The diagrams are inserted after the References and their locations are referenced in the text.
  • The Format follows the pattern established by the RAE.
  • The article cites articles published in scientific periodicals over the past five years.
  • Citations and References follow the norms of the American Psychological Association – APA (6th edition).
  • The identity of the author is restricted to the submission system.

2) Make a self-assessment of your work:

  • What is the article’s main contribution to its field of study? Is this contribution explicitly described in the article?
  • What are the innovations, distinctive qualities and usefulness/relevance of this work?
  • Are the methodological procedures sufficiently well described?

It is also important for authors to know the RAE-Publicações Code of Ethics which governs our conduct.

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