Book review

Book reviews should be prepared with recent works, published within the last five years, which have innovative, critical content, besides citations and references.

Click here to download a template of book review.

General formatting

•Length: A maximum of 1,200 words.
•Font: Times New Roman, size 12.
•Alignment: Justified
•Line spacing: 1.5.
•TITLE: Upper case + bold. Respect the limit of 80 characters with spaces.
•Authorship: Name of the review author in upper and lower case + bold, preceded by the word “By”. Also include the author’s latest title and current institution in upper and lower case, as well as the author(s) email(s).
• Book: Upper case + bold. Insert the name of the author(s) in upper and lower case, as well as the city/country of publication, publisher, year and number of pages.
• Citations and References: RAE uses the norms of the American Psychological Association - APA for formatting citations and references. The publications are cited in the text using the author-date system and are listed in alphabetic order in the list of references. To see more details of the APA, we suggest using the menu on the left and navigating through the topics General Formatting, Citing Sources, and References.

Note: Submit the text in a Word file. 



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