Book recommendations

Book recommendation consists of five books of a given area of Administration, with an introduction to the field of study and a critical synopsis of each book.

Click here to download a template of book recommendation.

General formatting

•Font: Times New Roman, size 12.
•Alignment: Justified.
•Line spacing: 1.5.
•TITLE: Upper case + bold and preferably laconic.
•Authorship: Name of the author, institution and email for contact.
•Introduction to the theme: Up to 130 words.
•Titles of works: Upper case, followed by the name of the author(s), city and publisher in upper and lower case, as well as the year and number of pages.
• Synopses of works: You should comment on the five works. Up to 70 words per work.

Note: Submit the text in a Word file. 



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