Launched in August 2002 (under the name RAE-executivo), GV-executivo is FGV-EAESP’s management, strategy and culture review. Tailored to young managers, it focuses on administration practice, professional training, current affairs, EAESP academic services and the relationship with FGV internal and external communities.

GV-executivo is a generalist review committed to disseminating knowledge of Administration. It seeks to contribute to the critical discussion of a wide spectrum of issues relevant for the corporate world, and to encourage the discussion and adoption of innovative management practices

The public is formed by young managers, including professionals who are already in management positions and those preparing to enter the market, whether in undergraduate, graduate or specialization courses.

GV-executivo is a customized review, and authors are normally invited to write about subjects related with the editorial line and the key topics of each issue. However, spontaneous submissions may be accepted and must be made through email to GV-executivo Editorial Staff.

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