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RAE v. 56 n. 6, Nov-Dec 2016


Franchisor-franchisee relationship quality: Time of relationship and performance


Does the institutional environment affect CSR disclosure? The role of governance


The mediated effect of formal and informal control on governance forms


Creative marketing strategy and effective execution on performance in Pakistan



RAE v. 56 n. 5, Sep-Oct 2016


Value creation and capture in buyer-supplier relationships: A new perspective


Evaluación de la distribución espacial de plantas industriales mediante um índice de desempeño


The state of research on cleaner production in Brazil



RAE v. 56 n. 4, Jul-Aug 2016


Transnational governance regimes in the global south: Multinationals, states and NGOs as political actors


Trajectories of transnational mobilization for indigenous rights in Brazil


Community protocols as tools for resisting exclusion in global environmental governance


Diffusion of global sustainability standards: The institutional fit of the ASC-Shrimp standard in Indonesia


A transnational agri-food system for whom? The struggle for hegemony at Rio+20


Transnational governance and the Trilhos Urbanos: Civil society’s resistance to mega-events in Rio de Janeiro


Transnational regulatory integration and development: A new framework for institutional change



RAE v. 56 n. 3, May-Jun 2016


Improving financial inclusion: Towards a critical financial education framework


Reanalizando la competitividad en la industria del fúlbol: Diferencia acumulada de puntos


Using expert judgments to rank 45 Latin American business journals


Impact of entrepreneurial orientation on strategic alliances and the role of top management


Ambiguity in the identity transformation of public health organizations


Risk disclosure analysis in the corporate governance annual report using fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis



RAE v. 56 n. 2, Mar-Apr 2016


Las preferencias del consumidor usando el método de máximas diferencias

Visual art and regulatory fit messages on consumer evaluations


Propensión a innovar en TI y reciprocidad en el ámbito de las redes sociales


Green microfinance: A new frontier to inclusive financial services



RAE v. 56 n. 1, Jan-Feb 2016


Relation between background variables, values and corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: the Spanish case

Influence of manufacturer signature on store brand's loyalty and purchase intention

¿Influye la personalidad de los directivos de PyMEs en los resultados exportadores?

The role of earnings persistence in valuation accuracy and the time horizon

Comparative analysis of American and Spanish cruise passengers' behavioral intentions

Gestión humana de orientación analítica: un camino para la responsabilización



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