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RAE v. 55 n. 6, Nov-Dec 2015

Internationalization of state-owned enterprises through foreign direct investment


Praticantes da estratégia e as bases praxeológicas da indústria do management


Ingresos netos del franquiciado: una señal para elegir franquicia en una crisis


RAE v. 55 n. 5, Sep-Oct 2015

Implementation of Green IT in organizations: a structurational view

Determinants of the success of global and local brands in Latin America

Evaluating the efficiency progress with technology in a Spanish hotel chain

Cross-country study on the determinants of bank financial distress


RAE v. 55 n. 4, July-Aug 2015

Social entrepreneurship and social business: retrospective and prospective research


Social business dilemmas in Brazil: Rede Asta case


Microfinance and climate change impacts: the case of Agroamigo in Brazil


Cause-fit, positive attitudes and behaviors within hybrid Colombian organizations


Brand equity of Lahore Fort as a tourism destination brand


The international growth of a social business: a case study


Strategic decisions of family firms on cash accumulation


RAE v. 55 n. 3, May-Jun 2015

Internationalization of Brazilian franchise chains: a comparative study

Strategies for superior performance in recessions: pro or counter-cyclical?

Use and consequences of participatory GIS in a Mexican municipality: applying a multilevel framework

Supply chain resilience analysis: a Brazilian automotive case

Prácticas de responsabilidad social, reputación corporativa y desempeño financiero


RAE v. 55 n. 2, Mar-Apr 2015

Challenging Anglo-Saxon dominance in management and organizational knowledge


An anti-management statement in dialogue with critical Brazilian authors


Picnic on a frozen river: challenges for genuine Management studies in Spain



RAE v. 55 n. 1, Jan-Feb 2015

Behavioral Finance: advances in the last decade

A joint experimental analysis of investor behavior in IPO pricing methods

Disposition effect among Brazilian equity fund managers

About psychological variables in application scoring models

Antecedents and consequences of household financial management in Brazilian lower-middle-class

The behavioral paradigm shift

Gestión de recursos intangibles en instituciones de educación superior



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